Zynergy LLC

Zynergy, LLC is comprised of four held entities:

Zynergy Technology


Zynergy Technology is a full service oilfield production chemical company based in Bakersfield, California. It develops and applies high performance chemical additives that protect capital equipment and improve efficiency and capacity. Additionally, Zynergy Technology provides complete onsite and offsite services including laboratory services, well monitoring programs, and regular reporting to help make chemical program costs efficient and successful.

Zynergy’s business partner agreement with TwinOxide USA has created an exclusive agreement to distribute environment-friendly, cost effective, and high performing result driven Chlorine Dioxideproducts throughout the state of California and bordering states. The use of Chlorine dioxide will eventually replace the use of Chlorine as the safe and optimal water disinfectant solution. Chlorine dioxide at 0.3% kills all waterborne micro-organisms (including bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, and biofilm). Chlorine dioxide is easy to use, simple to apply, and it contributes positively to human health as it disinfects water without producing hazardous by-products created as known from traditional disinfectants.

Zynergy Environmental


Zynergy Environmental is a national leader in providing Hydro Excavation and Hydroblasting services. The company was founded to help companies, government agencies and contractors reduce costs and improve safety through the use of leading-edge hydro excavation and Hydroblasting technology.

Zynergy can provide a fleet of vehicles and equipment for virtually any size industrial job: Chemical Cleaning, Emergency Response, Environmental Services, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Offsite Cleaning, Oil Field Services, and Oil Spill Cleanup, to name a few.

As a recognized leader in the industry, numerous petroleum, chemical and manufacturing industries have come to rely on Zynergy Environmental for their Hydro Excavation and Hydroblasting needs.

Zynergy Oil and Gas

(website in development state)

Zynergy Oil & Gas is currently developing an exploration portfolio to extract crude oil, gas, and other fossil fuels on thousands of acres in the Bakken, ND and in the San Joaquin Valley Region in California beginning in 2019.

Zynergy Construction

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Zynergy Construction is being formed to be a full-scale engineering, procurement, and construction company capable of building large scale civil, electrical, and mechanical systems and facilities within the commercial, civil, electrical, and mechanical construction industry.

Renewable energies have been at forefront of discussions within California. Solar on roof tops offers generous savings to homeowners. To amplify potential cost savings and profits in the hundreds of thousands Zynergy Construction will finalize a deal to take possession of 160 acres of land in the greater region of the San Joaquin Valley of California to produce a Design & Build 60 megawatt Solar Plant.

Visit www.zynergy.tech.com for more details.