Yodole, LLC

YODOLE LLC is comprised of four held entities:

Yodole Phone


YODOLE Phone focuses on providing residential and commercial business consumers with reliable domestic and international phone service at affordable rates. YODOLE Phone provides services in the United States, Canada, and 51 countries internationally. Residential plans are flexible to meet the needs of the consumer no matter how large or small. Standard features offered to residential customers include: call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling with advanced features like voicemail-to-email, and sharing a phone line with multiple locations and softphones. For those customers which prefer going digital for home use, state of the art digital voice line packages are available, as are home office phone and fax packages, all designed to increase customer savings.

Yodole Mobile


YODOLE Mobile is the staple of “The People Friendly Network”. Wireless mobile phone services are available for end users on the go. Stay in touch with family, friends and loved-ones using the latest technology and networks. Plans are flexible with easy terms, and are truly no-hassle and free of long-term contracts. Simply pay as you go by taking advantage of numerous pre-paid plans for your convenience. Customers can also bring their own device to transfer under the Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) plan.

Yodole Review

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The YODOLE Review Rating System is a comprehensive approach to launching a powerful marketing platform to provide end users a competitive advantage in highly competitive markets. The value of creating mutual business relationships with options to engage, reach, and inform clients and consumers about services through diverse technology mediums within their comfort zones is priceless. YODOLE Review assists clients and consumers in the direction of attainable and achievable success. YODOLE Review is considered to be a potent blue-chip component which has 360 degree marketing capabilities to enhance and become a catalyst and stimulant to increasing (consumer to client or vice versa) communication.

Moneta Forte Wireless


Moneta Forte will anchor the storefront division, geared to create a value added experience for YODOLE® Mobile customers. Forte Wireless global vision and industry expertise creates a telecommunication technologies competitive advantage. Forte Wireless professionals ensure that all services and products are of quality, trending, innovative, and are high functioning to meet client’s telecommunication needs. Orders are complete and delivered on time as excellence begins with creating a unique and positive customer experience. Retail store designs are focused on access, quality products, and genuine customer service to provide a positive customer experience.

Yodole Marketing


YODOLE Marketing leverages the technology and experience of the other subsidiaries to provide solutions for our clients. Our marketing and operations experts work closely with technologists to create customer solutions designed to attract and retain customers. YODOLE Marketing maintains a scalable, reliable infrastructure by hiring highly experienced and knowledgeable customer service, sales, marketing and operations teams.