Our vision

Our vision is to become the leader in providing diversified products and services within varied industries: Telecom, Marketing, Chemical Production and Engineering, Environmental Solutions, and Water Distribution Services through acquisition, development, and diversification of cutting edge technologies. JRS Holdings will explore, recover, and produce today’s energy responsibly while ensuring that internal, external, and consumers’ expectations are exceeded to secure a sustainable future. Our vision is embedded in advance technological and engineering systems equipped with proven leadership, knowledge, experience, cutting-edge processes, services, and practices.

JRS Holdings’ competitive advantage is anchored with proven leadership of subject matter experts in the industry. Our leadership team employ leadership and management principles which create conducive work environment to stimulate our most valuable assets, talented team members, to execute tasks with a heightened sense of purpose, passion, and performance.

We recognize the significance of each team member and are honored to serve along with them to be attentive and responsive to consumer preferences and to our clients’ needs. We take a proactive role towards the growth, training, and the transfer of knowledge within our organization. As we continue towards our quest for excellence through continuous learning and research, we are conditioned to achieve superior results to strengthen our business and consumer relationships. No task or project, no matter how small or grand in scale will ever receive less than our absolute best.

JRS Holdings aspires to be an independent firm with multiple subsidiary companies in North America operating at the top its market niche to provide our shareholders with returns over the long-term. To achieve this, we strive to optimize our capital investments to maximize growth in cash flows, earnings, production and establish reserves. We will achieve our goals by:

  • Partnering with investors to generate cash flow,
  • Offer, create, and execute diversified products, services, and projects
  • Securing financing to acquire our planned acquisitions,
  • Exercising capital discipline,
  • Ensuring financial strength, and
  • Investing in oil and gas properties with strong full-cycle margins.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build mutual sustainable and profitable business relationships to deliver value by helping clients and consumers recover from financial difficulty and turn toward a path of economic empowerment. We believe this can only be achieved through mutual engagement, understanding, collaboration, respect, and commitment between our corporation, internal, and external stakeholders.

We will accomplish our mission day by day, careful to seize the opportunities that exist with a perfectionist conscious, yet reserved and poised to pursue innovation through continuous improvement by performing and employing rigorous research and development as a fundamental blueprint of our DNA. It is extremely important that we are mindful that our investors, internal, and external stakeholders, clients, and consumer’s success is our success. To expand our global reach we are ready, willing, and fully capable of demonstrating and executing sound judgement, business ethics, business principles, effective management strategies, and proven leadership superiorly to yield long-term sustainable profits and value for our investors, clients, and consumers within the communities we serve.

Our business success is a direct result of each of our personal commitment to working with a heighten sense of consciousness within: safety, risk management, quality, production, and innovation. We believe in doing the right thing every day and is predicated on holding members to the highest ethical and performance standards.


Values JRS Holdings recognize the sign of dynamic times in a global community where relationships matter now more than ever before. We believe that fundamental core values of good faith and trust, integrity, loyalty, character, respect, humility, customer service, honesty, and a plain old fashion diligent hard days’ work creates a harvest that is fruitful, plentiful, and sustaining to propel us to the top our market niche. At JRS Holdings we take pride in valuing each member of the organization regardless of title, position, and or duty. Each member is responsible and expected to perform ethically at all times while conducting business on behalf of the corporation.

We recognize that our system of execution can yield much more value than any one aspect of our business; with comprehensiveness, innovation, and a far reaching vision led by Executive Leadership---we will pioneer to lead and produce cutting edge technologies that create transcending realities and experiences. The foundation of our success is anchored by creating healthy, mutual, and long-term successful relationships aimed at creating highly desired products, services, and experiences through collaboration and innovation.

Understanding the correlation and relationship between people, processes, and service strengthens our commitment and resolve to deliver unparalleled results. Our competitive advantage begin with our people which are unique, talented, competent, and focused through effective teamwork on generating performance at a high level that produce successful results for the benefit of JRS Holdings and business partners. Through relentless pursuit of exceeding our client expectations, we strive to conduct our business affairs fiscally responsible and ethically to add value to our clients and consumers globally.

We strongly feel that it is imperative to be in good standing of Corporate Social Responsibility within the environments and communities in which we operate. Our Core Values focus on building alliances to leverage leadership, collaboration, accountability, and performance.

Integrity – We conduct business honestly and treat colleagues, partners and consumers ethically. We follow through on promises and keep commitments, applying high standards in pursuit of our objectives with excellence to achieve greatness.

Breakthrough Results – We achieve industry-leading results by seeking unique solutions to challenges while building innovation into everything we do.

Collaboration – We are greater as a team than the sum of our parts. We meet our objectives through partnership and collaboration, and make decisions that are best for the company, internal, and external stakeholder as a whole system.

Respect – We acknowledge and value individual differences and contributions; treat our colleagues, partners and consumers with respect; and will not compromise our integrity or the dignity of value partners in the name of profit.

Fairness – We believe treating consumers with fairness and impartiality is crucial to our ongoing success.