Many generations ago, Mr. Sanders’s father, grandfather, and great grandfather became a staple within the agriculture and farming industry in the greater region of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, California. The Sanders’ family farmed thousands of acres of grapes to become a leading farmer producer in the world nationally and internationally. When the Berlin Wall fell, they were there leading the way to new markets.

Mr. Sanders’ farming background, knowledge and expertise led him to make astounding discoveries in science involving plant cells and life which has fueled a lifelong quest of research and development. After years of research, Mr. Sanders founded the Organic Pharmacy Research Institute (OPRI). Jerad, a successful entrepreneur, took action to make his passion for health and nutrition by creating an R&D company that was focused on the development of non-invasive, complementary medical therapies to increase the quality of life.

Jerad realized that what was being put into the soil and water to feed his crops would affect health and the vitality of the fruit being produced. Looking at the human body as a whole, and with decades of industrial farming experience, he came to a deep understanding that nutrition “chemistry” had everything do with the health of our bodies. The creation of OPRI is an endeavor to bring his expertise to the global market by developing therapies and products that are able to provide people more than just one path to healing.

In addition to an influential background within agriculture and technology, Jerad wasted no time by adopting a leadership and management philosophy focused on agility, adaptation, and diversification. By recognizing the increased need for diversification of products and services, he has channeled his vision to expand across different industry sectors to include: chemical technology, telecommunications, energy exploration, construction, water distribution, and more.

Jerad has embraced change and has positioned the JRS Holdings Corporation as a pioneer as new challenges and opportunities arise within today’s dynamic markets fluctuations. JRS Holdings is poised and positioned to embrace a vision to diversify processes, products, and services to exceed consumer’s needs, wants, and preferences on a global scale.

Understanding the current state of national and global market sectors has yielded a competitive advantage to propel JRS Holdings to the top of its market niche. Prepare as we launch proven processes, products, and services that will revolutionize the way internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, and consumers, globally-experience a sustainable quality of life.