Organic Pharmacy Research Institute (OPRI)

Organic Pharmacy Research Institute (OPRI) is comprised of four held entities:

  • OPRI Medical: (website in development state)
  • Life Lite Wellness Center: (website in development state)
  • Research And Development:
  • OPRI Foundation: (website in development state)

OPRI Medical

(website in development state)

OPRI employs medical treatment with cutting edge technology through use of proprietary medical machines to create new age pharmaceutical products and services utilized to treat pain, ailments, and diseases. Our satisfied patients prove OPRI is the next best thing in medical technology to overcome serious health conditions.

Our mission is to develop complementary treatment solutions that are non-toxic, non-invasive, innovative, and cost effective. We believe that good healthcare should be affordable to everyone, and we are dedicated to developing complementary and integrative solutions that are effective and affordable to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Life Lite Wellness Center

(website in development state)

The Life Light Wellness Center is dedicated to providing integrative & complementary therapies designed to help regulate, stimulate, harmonize and maintain a healthy and well balanced immune system. For healthcare services to evolve, it is necessary to expand the existing field of medicine to include healing the ‘whole person’ – mind|body|spirit. In order to achieve our objectives effectively, it is essential for us to implement a well-informed health education program. Teaching the benefits of good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote good health. The body has the capacity to heal itself, although prevention has been, and remains, the best remedy. Life Light Wellness Center is dedicated to delivering integrative patient-centered care, therapy and education to its clients.

Research & Development

Organic Pharmaceutical Research Institute (OPRI) was founded to fulfill a need for research into complementary health therapies and is dedicated to the development of non-invasive and natural supplemental care practices to provide alternative treatments for debilitating diseases and other negative health conditions.

While focusing on solutions derived from whole foods, natural products and frequency based therapies engineered to support the body’s natural healing ability, OPRI strives to advance these therapies in communities throughout the world and connect underprivileged patients with therapists trained in these healthcare therapies. Referred to as Integrative or Accompanying therapies, these treatments are traditionally non-invasive and non-toxic, and focused on bringing the whole being into balance.
OPRI’s objective is to define treatment needs for major diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.; and chronic conditions, such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis; and develop techniques and therapies to fight and eventually cure these diseases. OPRI looks to ultimately provide these low-cost therapies for everyone.

OPRI Foundation

(website in development state)

The Life Light Foundation provides integrative medicine therapies, through Life Light Wellness Centers, to individuals who could not otherwise afford services. Life Light Wellness Centers are focusing on solutions derived from whole foods, natural products and frequency based therapies engineered to support the body’s natural healing ability.

Improving access to care is a prominent focus of The Life Light Foundation, which works hard to break down barriers created by costs, culture, geography, system structure, and differing notions about who and what should be covered by insurance.

Life Light Foundation is dedicated to providing free healthcare treatments and solutions to children and underprivileged families across the country, and eventually throughout the world.