Jerad R. Sanders, Founder & Chairman

Mr. Sanders is the founder and Chairman of JRS Holdings Corporation. JRS Holdings is an investment corporation founded upon rigorous business principles, forward thinking ideals, endearing business ethics, and leadership that is touching, moving, and inspiring global market trends in the 21st century. Many generations ago, Mr. Sanders’s father, grandfather, and great grandfather became a staple within the agriculture and farming industry in the greater region of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, California. The Sanders’ family farmed thousands of acres of grapes to become the largest producer in the world nationally and internationally.

In addition to an influential background within agriculture and technology, Mr. Sanders wasted no time adopting a leadership and management philosophy focused on agility, adaptation, and diversification. By recognizing the increased need for diversification of products and services, he has channeled his vision to expand across different industry sectors to include: chemical technology, telecommunications, energy exploration, construction, water distribution, and more.

Marvin Battle, Chief Executive Officer / Vice Chairman

Mr. Battle has a dynamic background stemming from agriculture in the Southern Belt of the nation to an illustrious 20 year career in the construction industry. Marvin’s professional background include: Armed Forces, Networking Technology Nortel Networks, Lockheed Martin Contract Milstar Project at Cheyenne Mountain (Department of Defense), safety officer and risk management, QAQC Manager, residential and commercial construction, heavy industrial electrical, civil, and mechanical construction for Aera Energy. Additionally, Mr. Battle founded Dunson Hunter Electrical Services Corporation and served as Construction and Electrical Specialist Subject Matter Expert.

Mr. Battle earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in project management, Colorado Technical University, and a Masters’ Degree of Construction Management from New School of Architecture and Design. Our CEO takes pride in being a continuous learner as he is in his final year of doctoral studies in pursuit of a Doctorate of Management/Project Management degree from his Alma Mater; to be completed during the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Dr. William S. Kachele, President / Board Director

Dr. William Kachele’s leadership and involvement with JRS Holdings and various other held entities have been vital to the development of diverse product offerings and our global vision.
His expertise represents JRS Holdings in national and international contract negotiations in technologies and securities and anchors our senior executive leadership team as a catalyst to innovation, growth, and economic sustainability.

Andrew M. Sanders, Vice President / Board Director

Mr. Sanders anchors the innovation team. Mr. Andrew M. Sanders serves as Tap Resources CEO and Principal Officer, and has maintained both positions since March 2016. Prior to assuming the position of Principal Officer with Tap Resources, his professional leadership experiences included: YODOLE® LLC- Owner, President 2013-2016; Continental Ag Farm Company LLC Owner, Managing Director 2014-Present; and JRS Industries Owner, President and Director 2014-Present.

Andrew has a business administration and management background. He earned his Liberal Arts Degree at Monroe College, Rochester, NY; He continued studies in business management at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire; Currently Andrew is a senior completing undergraduate studies’ in Business Management at California State Bakersfield, CA.

Ryan Brooks, Vice President Business Development

Mr. Brooks serves as the Vice President of JRS Holdings Corporation and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a senior executive. Mr. Brooks’ background is rooted in Engineering. Prior to fulfilling his role at JRS Holdings he achieved success in varied sectors within the oil and gas industries. He has over 18 years of oil and gas experience focused in the areas of leadership, engineering, and business development. Mr. Brooks has worked extensively in the Western Canadian, California and Texas regions, in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. He has been a constant entrepreneur seeking new challenges. He excels at interpersonal skills, relationship building, and contiguous energy.

Jonathan D. Sanders, Chief Officer Of Research And Development

Mr. Sanders is a gifted and talented researcher with an infectious passion that drives change and cultivates teamwork to achieve ultimate results for our clients. He leads the technology team in researching production chemical treatment for oil and gas pipelines and facilities. He is a valuable asset in maintaining important legacy knowledge within the organization. In today’s industry, much knowledge is being lost as “traditionalists” and “baby boomers” retire. Mr. Sanders has spearheaded the effort to transfer critical information to ensure JRS Holdings knowledge repositories are secure for years to come.

Matthew Ballard, Chief Officer Of Energy Exploration

Mr. Ballard is an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Southern California, and has resided in San Joaquin Valley for over 50 years. He has 34 years of experience in the energy sector, specializing in oil and gas exploration and production. His experience encompasses “hands on” delegation and managerial positions which encompass capital projects that have a focus on infrastructure development.

Mr. Ballard, a licensed oil and gas operator, founded and manages Ballard Oil Inc., an independent oil production company that was established in 1999. He built this company from the ground up, with integrity at the heart of the company. As an owner of an oil company he has substantial experience in negotiating and developing sales programs, alliance contracts, and service agreements. He fully understands the inner workings of building and running a company.

Additionally, Mr. Ballard manages independent oil production facilities for various oil companies throughout California, and founded Ballard Land Holdings, LLC in 2011 and American Truck and Crane LLC in 2012.

Erwin J. Bartel, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bartel has provided leadership and guidance to a variety of organizations over the last 30 years. He has been a constant and long stay as the Chief Financial Officer to various entities within JRS Holdings Corporation. Mr. Bartel’s knowledge and expertise within the realm of financial fiscal responsibility has enabled JRS Holdings to leverage market niche in agriculture, technology, and construction, creating a competitive advantage. He has served on the boards of various institutions such as Fresno Pacific College; Words of the Gospel Radio Broadcast; and the Mennonite Brethren Pacific District Conference.

Norm Fox, Chief Officer Of Risk Management

Mr. Fox earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics from the California State University, Bakersfield. He began his career in safety in 1986. Now entering his third decade in the arena of professional safety, Mr. Fox has supported the efforts of private and public entities, start-up and mature companies, as well as sole-proprietor and Fortune 100 organizations. Mr. Fox has served the Energy, Manufacturing, Heavy Construction, Public Agency, and Food Processing industry sectors. In 2000, he organized iNFocus Consulting as a venue to provide customized services to regional clientele. Since that time, Mr. Fox has proffered extensive support in personnel development having provided training to over 5,000 individuals throughout his career. Also in 2000, Mr. Fox joined the Bakersfield Chapter of ASSE serving on the Board as Scholarship Committee Chair for over 10 quarters.

Mike Walker, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Walker leads JRS Holdings Corporation technology endeavors. He is a resourceful and experienced subject matter expert and brings nearly twenty years of computer science experience with a natural propensity for diagnostics and problem solving.

He has worked within the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry since 1993, for several local and regional ISPs. Mr. Walker founded a local ISP in 2001 that became a national virtual ISP provider by 2003. He previously consulted for many large corporations including Barnett Bank, Chemical Bank, Bank of America, and Pitney Bowes, providing services ranging from project management, engineering, and administration within system, network, and security contexts. Currently Mr. Walker is in charge of all our Alliance systems and network level administration and security, including management of data centers and support personnel.

Thomas Romano, Chief Safety Officer & Human Resources

Mr. Romano leads JRS Holdings Safety and Human Resources Departments. He brings a wealth of experience in the field of operations in heavy industrial construction, new construction, pipeline construction, oil & gas hazardous waste management, and plant facilities. Mr. Romano serves as an expert resource for the development, implementation, and sustainability of the various company-wide safety initiatives. He conducts and provides subject matter expertise on incident analysis, and provide consultation and guidance on corrective actions to maintain an incident free atmosphere. He has been instrumental in building excellent relationships with business partners to maintain a safe working environment.

Tom Doty, Chief Officer Environmental Services

Mr. Doty brings over 20 years of industry experience as the leader of our Environmental Service sector. His primary responsibilities include Marketing Environmental Programs, Brand Management, and Corporate Relations.

Prior to joining JRS Holdings, Mr. Doty worked in the underground heavy civil construction industry, where he managed several large companies with environmental impact issues and solutions needs. Notable for his excellence in the Hydro-Vacuum Excavation Industry, he has been instrumental in revolutionizing the disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous job site materials. Mr. Doty is an active compliance officer with hands on experience, which provides a competitive advantage for meeting all City, State, and Federal Government (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.

Mr. Doty is recognized as one of the foremost experts of material handling throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. He has also been involved in many large disposal / logistics projects throughout the United States.

Irene Sanders, Secretary/Treasurer

Ms. Sanders has been a constant active member within the Sanders business early on, and has served as Managing Officer, Vice President, and Owner of a family business. Currently, she is a former owner of YODOLE® LLC and will serve as Secretary and Treasurer at the holdings level. Irene’s background in accounting, management, and entrepreneur experience will serve the holdings business well. Her spirit of innovation and ability to connect with our business partners and communities has been vital to the advancement of our forming the holdings company.

Steve Jackson, CIO

Mr. Jackson performed in various technical roles including systems analyst, programmer, database architect, and project manager since PC computing’s infancy in the business world in the mid 1980′s. His strong emphasis on relational database theory, accounting principles, and well-firmed project specification has facilitated dozens of successful products in industries ranging from mortgage banking to Internet marketing. His expertise has contributed to projects of The Gartner Group, Arthur Anderson, Philadelphia Life, and many other companies and municipalities locally from Atlanta, New York City, and Knoxville as well as remotely and/or on-site in the entire continental United States. Alliance reseller operations are directly sponsored by the President of InterQoS Online, Inc., the parent company insuring the top priority of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) reseller programs within the parent organization. Still maintains active interest in systems design and data systems. Collaborated with sister company Ingenious Systems Research in the continuing development of their IQ-Voice commercial switching products.