JRS Holdings Corporation is a diversified holding company, formed to acquire and manage a conglomeration of operating businesses. JRS Holdings is a collective, diverse, and balanced entity positioned to execute a structured methodical release of high-in-demand and dynamic consumer friendly products and services.

Jerad R. Sanders has assembled a team of distinguished executives to manage the holdings and to oversee and direct the specific operations of each underlying subsidiary company. JRS Holdings positions itself with a conglomeration of companies with what it believes to be the next generation of dynamic and revolutionary products and services to the market. Our foundational strategy is to stay abreast of revolutionary ideas that are supported by technology and science so that we can apply sound business principles that forward and support growth and sustainability. JRS Holdings is positioned to add value not only to the lives of our customers and consumers, but also to our internal and external stakeholders globally.

Our initial acquisitions feature technology, telecom, and marketing services, which would include our signature trademark Yodole, LLC. During the initial offering of Yodole MOBILE wireless services; newly constructed stores will showcase the diversity of the company’s offerings, including: cellular wireless services, advertising and marketing products, and residential & business phone services.



Yodole, LLC, is a global telecommunications provider committed to the strong pursuit of technology development to not only drive the quality and features of services, but also to enhance human connections to customers, employees, and industry partners.


HUBCAST SOLUTIONS is a full-service provider of automated voice and text messaging solutions that deliver personalized messages designed to inform and engage. Our hosted “communications hub” is sourced from best-of-breed components ensuring a feature-rich, flexible messaging system delivering reliability, innovation, and scalability.


ORGANIC PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (OPRI) was founded to fulfill a need for research into complementary health therapies and is dedicated to the development of non- invasive and natural supplemental care practices to provide alternative treatments for debilitating diseases and other negative health conditions.


Zynergy was formed to provide chemical production solutions for gas and oil pipelines and facilities which offers chemical treating methods to yield clients the greatest promise for long term control of paraffin problems.

JRS Industries

JRS INDUSTRIES offers a wide selection of spring and sparkling waters - from individual bulk bottles to multi-serving bottles of spring and sparkling waters to freestanding units with hot and cold options through a convenient monthly service. JRS can eliminate the work and the hassle by bringing better drinking water directly to your door

Sun Valley Farms

Sun Valley Farms has its roots in agriculture and was created to establish national and international relationships that will position it to take the market by storm and become the premiere growers, packers, and shippers of fruits and vegetables in a thriving produce industry.

Pate Entertainment

JRS Holdings Corporation’s entertainment company, Front Street Kids Production, along with Pate Entertainment will be promoting and executing concert tours, musicals, etc., both nationally and internationally. Pate Entertainment, owned by Irwin Pate and Clarine Monique, got its start by managing the King of Soul, James Brown. Irwin Pate got his start in the entertainment business as the owner of a record store and several one-stops in Louisville, Kentucky. As fate would have it, Irwin took a group of under-privileged African American children to a James Brown concert one evening. After the concert, Mr. Brown invited Irwin and his guests back stage. As they talked a relationship formed and Mr. Brown asked Irwin if he’d be interested in promoting his concerts. Recognizing a great opportunity, Irwin sold his stores and went on the road with Mr. Brown. Irwin, in his position as Promotions Manager, booked Mr. Brown’s tour dates and contacted top 40 radio stations across the country to get them to play Mr. Brown’s records.